'In Between the In Between' is motivated by my state of being.  Currently, as well as when I created the work.  What I see is an expression, a reflection, of me.  

After the death of my father in July of 2014, I embarked on an unexpected journey-  first to the Philippines to celebrate him, then to Indonesia and Thailand just to live.  Part of me was escaping, all of me was seeking.  For connection, affection, understanding, relevance.

Faced with the reality of death in my own life, challenged by language barriers and cultural differences, I saw those who reflected my internal through their external.  These people are in-between, whether in transit, in thought, in their own world.  They are on their way, but they aren't there yet.  I wanted to see people who thought no one could see them.

I am in between where I am, and where I want and know I can be.