LIFE, DEATH & LOVE was exhibited at The Living Gallery in Bushwick Brooklyn, New York on February 12, 2016.  The show was created in collaboration with designer Shakeil Greeley about the transformation of life experiences and the curation of memory.

Brooklyn, New York, 2015.

Jakarta, Indonesia, 2014.

Bali, Indonesia, 2014.

Palawan, Philippines, 2014.

Brooklyn, New York, 2016.

Guayaquil, Ecuador, 2015.

Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2014.

Cabanatuan, Philippines, 2014/\.

Guayaquil, Ecuador, 2015.

Bangkok, Thailand, 2014.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2015.

Surakarta, Indonesia, 2014.

Brooklyn, New York, 2016.