Nov 17, 2014

A Lot Happened Here

Yesterday I moved out of my first home in Jakarta, a place with centuries of history and a lot of heart.  I developed the habit of sleeping at dawn and waking mid-afternoon to hungry puppies at my front door.  My room was a cockroach graveyard and mosquito execution ring.  I slept with my racket zapper, and would probably be dead without the net around my bed.  I endured fear, loneliness and excessive itchiness.  I found love in a new form, and then it disappeared.   I found a new family, became one with the creatures around me, and everything in between.

I am not the same girl I was before I arrived.  I have more scars, but despite their unsightly appearance, I embrace them.  They tell of experience.  The challenges encountered have brought me strength, courage, and confidence in my womanhood.

Since then, I quite literally went up in the world, to an altitude mosquitos can’t reach.  I write this from a high-rise apartment in Kulingan, South Jakarta.

The next chapter is happening.

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