Dec 2, 2014


Bali is a beautiful woman.

If she loves you, she lets you love her. But she’s not easy. 

She will show you magic through manifestation, complexity and mystic sunsets.  But once you get comfortable, she will let you fall into a flooded ditch in the darkness.

In late November, she has sunny days and moody nights.  Her waves are rough and merciless.  Below the surface, she is calm, colorful, and filled with life.  Her storms are heavy, but inconsistent. 

Bali’s love is hypnotic.  She will make you do things you never thought you would do.  She will turn you into someone you were too afraid to be before you met her. 

Be careful not to lose yourself in her.  She will make you want to stay forever.


Give her an extra two days, two weeks, even two months, but make sure you leave, so you have time to miss each other. 

You will dream of her when you are with someone else.  On your hardest days, you will want nothing but to be in her.

That’s just how it goes.  Don’t think you’re special.  She has that effect on everyone.

But move on. 

If your purpose matches up, she will give you a reason to return, and you’ll be back in her warm, blessed embrace.

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